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MONDAY 14 JUNE 2004 link

Now that Catherine & I have moved to Aptos, we are neighbors with Tom & Mima, the owners of Carried Away, where I used to work. We ran into Tom at the video store the other day - it's that kind of neighborhood, where you run into people you know at the video store - and he mentioned that a woman who's been cooking for him one day a week was leaving. I could feel Catherine trying to stare a hole through my head, but I ignored her, and just commiserated with Tom about employee turnover... I did email the next day, though, and asked if I could come back to work. I start next week!

I'm pretty excited to go back to work in a kitchen, even if it's just for a little while. I miss communal work, everyone standing around a big prep table, chopping and slicing and gossiping. I miss having a tangible, physical, (edible), product as the result of a work day. (There is something inherently unsatisfying for me about working on a computer. I like having something to show for my work, instead of a collection of words or pixels.) And I miss being surrounded by people who talk about food - what they've been eating, what they've been cooking, what they heard about what someone else has been eating or cooking.

(On the other hand, if I only cooked to support myself, I might go crazy. I like doing more than one thing - no chance of getting bored!)

I may have to get my wedding ring resized again. Although this seems completely unrelated, it's not. Last year, I noticed that my ring was getting a little loose. I took it in, and it turns out that my finger has shrunk an entire ring size. If this had happened because I lost a bunch of weight, that might be good news. However, I think it happened because I had stopped working at Carried Away, and also stopped lifting weights - I see that lower ring size as meaning that my hands are weaker. My calluses are gone, my skin is too soft - I've got inside, white-collar hands.

Maybe in a month or so those calluses will be back. All those muscles in my hand will be strong again, and I'll start to notice that my ring is a little tight. I wouldn't like going up a pants size, but going up a ring size won't bother me at all.


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